It Was My Opinion To A General Question; Celestine Donkor On $40k Music Video

Gospel musician, Celestine Donkor has said she submitted her view to a general question that was posed to her in regards to the “$40,000 music video” of her colleague in the music Industry, Empress Gifty.

Clarifying her “misinterpreted” comment, she indicated that she had no idea Empress Gifty had said she spent such a whopping amount of money on her music video, “EyE Woa”.

“The host first asked me how much my video costs which I answered and he went ahead to say some gospel musicians said their music video cost $40,000. To be honest, before I entered the studio that very morning… I had no idea that Empress Gifts had made a statement like that. I had no idea so I received that question as a general question to which I gave my opinion and I thought everybody has an opinion and is entitled to their opinion. So I shared my opinion with nobody’s name in my mind ”, she stated in an interview.

Sharing her reaction upon seeing the headline, she said “but I understood why the headlines were like that”.

In a Facebook live session, Celestine Donkor noted that “this will not bring enmity between me and Empress. We are really cool”.

In January 2022, Empress Gifty, formerly Gifty Osei, claimed in a media interview that she spent $40,000 on her recent music video titled “EyE Woa”.

In February, Celestine Donkor said she wouldn’t spend such an amount on a music video, rather, “I would have traded in rice with the $40,000”.

Source: opemsuo.com/Hajara Fuseini

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