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“I was Forced To Flee”- Afghan President Justifies

Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani has debunked claims that he fled the country to save his life, according to a video he released on facebook and translated by Aljazeera.
He described his leave as an “expel” and added that he “didn’t even have the chance to take his slippers off his feet and pull on my boots.”
He further said he left to avoid the repetition of history referencing the Talibans’ seizure of the country’s capital for the first time in 1996 where the President of the country then, Mohammad Najibullah was captured, tortured and hanged.
“Had I stayed there, an elected president of Afghanistan would have been hanged again in front of the eyes of Afghans, and a huge incident of embarrassment would have been repeated”, and he emphasizes that he is not afraid of death and an honourable one for that matter.
“You know I am not afraid of death with honour and I am never afraid but I cannot see the disgrace of Afghanistan. So I was forced to leave Afghanistan.”
Following Ghani’s departure, Head of Afghan’s opposition party, National Reconciliation Council, Abdullah Abdullah stated, “the former president of Afghanistan left Afghanistan, leaving the country in this difficult situation, God should hold him accountable”, Ghani however noted, “do not believe whoever tells you that your president sold you out and fled for his own advantage and to save his own life.”
According to the 94 seconds video posted by Aljazeera, Ghani said he was in the Emirates currently and has no plans to remain there forever.
According to him, plans were being hatched for his return.
“I have no intention to flee and remain in exile. For now, I am in the Emirates so that bloodshed and chaos are stopped. I am currently in talks to return to Afghanistan and I am making efforts to secure justice and safeguard the rule of Afghans over our country, and to fight together to preserve our values and the true Islamic and national achievements of the nation of Afghanistan”, he said.
Ghani left Afghanistan following a serious of insurgencies from the Talibans.
Source: Fuseini

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