I don’t Pay to Trend – King Paluta

Ghanaian artiste King Paluta, known for his hit song “Yahitte,” has made it clear that he does not pay for social media or any other platform to generate trends.

“For a long time, I don’t pay TikTokers and DJs. My music sells itself. ‘Yahitte’ is being used by TikTokers, and recently even Samini used it,” he shared on Kumasefie with Mr Black on July 8.

He believes that every individual has their own approach to marketing, and he respects those who choose to pay for trends.

However, King Paluta prefers to let the quality of his music speak for itself, without resorting to financial incentives. He chooses not to pay for trends.

The rapper also revealed that he operates independently without the support of a record label. He hustles to bring out the best in his music, relying on his talent and hard work to make an impact in the industry.

When asked about his preference for social media over traditional media, he highlighted the power of social media while acknowledging the importance of traditional media as well.

He admitted that he rarely listens to radio himself, but recognized that social media alone is not sufficient for reaching a broad audience. Both platforms play a crucial role in his overall marketing strategy.

“Social media is powerful. The people who listen to my music are more active on social media. However, just relying on social media will not be enough. Traditional media is still important,” he explained.


Story by Adwoa S. Danso

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