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I Don’t Know Why I Was Arrested-Afia Odo

Ghanaian actress Andrea Owusu popularly known as Afia Odo has stated that she has no idea, the reason why she and some #Fixthecountry campaigners were arrested yesterday at the Accra High Court.
The Accra Regional Police Command arrested Afia Odo and some supporters of the #Fixthecountry campaign while they were waiting for the Accra High Court to resume proceedings after a 45 minute recess.
The group was in court today to hear the verdict of a case filed by Police Service to halt their street protest.
Afia Odo in an interview said, she wasn’t told the offence they had committed while they were being arrested and when they were taken to the Accra Regional Police Command.
“To be very clear, I don’t know why I was arrested, all I know was that we were in court to get a verdict to see whether we can demonstrate so the judge told us to go for recess and return at 1:30 p.m. I went outside with a few of the conveners and honestly the fans were engaged in interaction with me to see what was going on and take pictures and all sorts of things like that.
“Twenty minutes later, all we see is police van come, with their guns, coming aggressively. They told us to get into the van, they didn’t tell us why we have been arrested for, they didn’t say anything. I calmly got in the car and we went to the police station.
According to her, “they were about thirteen persons outside the court premises and not a huge crowd. We were on the grounds of the court, we were literally by the roadside chanting our slogan and taking pictures.
” We weren’t distractive. The only time we were asked to move aside was for the Clerk to pass by. No security guard came to tell us to stop being distractive. “
“None of the Police Officers came to us and said this is the reason why you have been arrested. I explained what transpired to the commander but I guess they ignored it”, she recounted.
The Celebrity, together with those arrested have secured a Police enquiry bail.
“I haven’t been charged but I was granted bail after I was told to write a statement. We were told to come back on Monday. ”
Source: Opemsuo.com/Hajara Fuseini

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