I Can’t Put My Music Aside – King Ivan

Ghanaian rapper and songwriter, King Ivan,  is determined not to set aside his music career, even as he continues with his education. In an interview on Kumasefie with Mr Black on July 15, he acknowledged the challenges of juggling music and school, but his passion for music is too strong to be deterred.

He believes that combining both pursuits is essential as he remains uncertain about what the future holds, whether it will be music or education that ultimately benefits him.

“Combining music and school is hard. Time is moving. I just feel I can’t put my music aside so i will combine. One does not know what will work best in best in future, whether music or education.”

According to him, before 2020, he was silently pursuing music underground. His decision to continue with music was reinforced by the overwhelming feedback he received after releasing his first song titled “Very Soon,” which belonged to the drill music genre.

The support from his friends was incredible, motivating him further to continue on his musical journey.

He described the support as ‘crazy’.

Interestingly, King Ivan’s father had no knowledge of his underground music activities until he passed away in 2015.

Despite taking two breaks in his music career, King Ivan viewed these periods as opportunities for self-improvement and learning from others.

“Two heads are better than one. I used that period to learn more. Actually, it is ‘two better heads are better than one,’ like my friend said, because two fools cannot produce anything good,” he added.


Story by Adwoa S. Danso

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