Blogging goes beyond gossip- Kobby Kyei

Influential and award winning blogger, Kobby Kyei has stated that the average Ghanaian high school student knows blogging for entertainment and gossip.
In an interview with Opemsuo radio’s Mr. Black, he noted that blogging goes beyond what Ghanaians know it for and use it for.
“Blogging is a whole community and not necessarily about gossip and entertainment. There is entertainment blogging, food blogging, health blogging, technology blogging, IT blogging and a whole lot.
“In Ghana, blogging is centred on Entertainment and Gossip”, he said.
He noted that other sectors of our community is undergoing deficiency with regards to development because bloggers are pushing artists and their businesses.
“So now, Shata Wale is trending, Sarkodie is trending and we have left social issues. The focus is now on entertainment.
“Social media is a community now so we need to showcase what is happening in our community to the rest of the world. I did a story on a school visited and posted it on social media, some saw the story and donated to get the school books, chairs, blackboard so I have used the influence as a blogger to change the problem in the community.
According to him, bloggers should think of imparting the society positively and not just chase readership.
“In as much as we want the traffic and the money, we must as much think of living legacy, think of imparting the humanity and society.
“Though social blogging doesn’t fetch the likes and money, with consistency, you will make a mark and the next generation will come and follow your steps”, he advised.
He however pointed out to the fact that blogging on social issues call for threats from some people, he added also that using decent language to relay social issues will counteract such actions.
“One way I survive threats from people for posting stories I do is that I make sure that I don’t put it out to disrespect my leaders and elders”, he said.
Source: opemsuo.com/ Hajara Fuseini

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