Gospel Is Not Free- Empress Gifty

Empress Gifty

Mrs. Gifty Adorye popularly known as Empress Gifty has stated that she doesn’t charge people for her gifts but charges for the services that accompany the gifts.

Speaking on Showbiz 360, she condemned statements that gospel is free and must therefore be delivered free of charge.

“Tambourines are not free, instruments are not free, even the microphone that the pastor uses is not free. I don’t know why people think gospel is free. It’s not.

“When I go to the studio, the producer does not do it for free because it’s the work of God. It doesn’t happen and if it does, it’s not often, actually, it doesn’t happen.”

She explained that, “If you invite me personally to your program, it’s free but you must pay for what make me Empress. For me, if you call me, it’s free but you will pay for the services of the Keyboardist, the drummer, the dress i will wear. These are the things we charge for and not the gift”.

Source: opemsuo.com/Hajara. Fuseini

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