GMA Issues Health Advisory Over Harsh Weather Condition

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA), in a health advisory, has urged the public to stay hydrated and use face masks when stepping out.

The Association anticipates a surge in respiratory conditions with dry atmosphere and dusty weather.

It has therefore advised the public to take precautionary measures against the harsh weather condition.

GMA suggests wearing face masks to reduce exposure to the dust, limiting outdoor activities especially for children and staying hydrated by drinking water liberally all day.

Persons living with asthma are also advised to take along their inhalers and take all prescribed medications.

“The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has noted an increase in the intensity of the harmattan, resulting in very dusty weather conditions across the country, as confirmed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Meteorological Services.

“The increased dust and general dry weather conditions have seriously affected human health, possibly leading to increased respiratory conditions. People with asthma and other chronic respiratory conditions may suffer acute attacks or worsening of their conditions.”

It continued, “Anyone who experiences signs and symptoms of respiratory conditions, e.g., cough, painful swallowing, runny nose, chest pain, or difficulty in breathing should report to the nearest health facility immediately.”

Additionally, it advised road contractors to water all roads under construction to reduce the dust while bushfires have been discouraged.

The country witnessed a change in weather earlier this month with fog and dry air taking over and creating discomfort for skins, throats and lips.

The sudden change in the weather saw the circulation of the statement “harmattan is back” on various social media platforms as Ghanaians mulled over the discomfort that accompanied it.

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