Ghanaians Misconstrue Confidence as Arrogance- Ken Agyapong

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central Constituency, Hon Kennedy Agyapong says Africans and Ghanaians in particular most often interpret confidence and bravery as arrogance.

“In our society, it is very difficult not to {misconstrue it},” the vociferous politician told Dentaa in a podcast as he indicated that he has been a victim of this unfortunate misinterpretation.

According to him, he doesn’t worship his money, an advantage he says he possesses which affords him the liberty to speak his mind to both government officials and any other person in high command.

He explained, “If you don’t have money, you can’t say a lot of things that I say. Some people also have money but they worship the money and therefore they will not even speak because they will attack you as a businessman.

“If a government wants to destroy you it can destroy you in so many ways so a lot of businessmen or successful people are afraid of the system because they antagonize you and therefore you try to keep to yourself. I don’t worship money so I don’t care what you are going to do. Once it’s the truth, I will tell you as it is. That is confidence and courage.”

The unsuccessful Presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) recalled how someone once threatened to collapse his business.

“Someone told me they will collapse my business and I said if they do I will go back to my village and farm. When I was coming, I came naked and I will go naked. You really need to be bold in this side of the world. Criticising is not easy.”
He revealed he received counterattacks of all sorts for his bold personality.

“They come to me with attacks but I will not go and talk about you if I don’t have the facts.”

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