Ghana Music Industry Isn’t A Level Playing Field – Black Kat 

Hip-hop/highlife artiste Black Kat GH has highlighted the inequality within Ghana’s music industry, emphasizing that it is not a level playing field.

In an interview on Opemsuo Radio’s Kumasefie with Mr Black on October 14, he explained how the industry seems to favour established figures or ‘legends,’ making it challenging for newcomers like himself to establish a strong presence.

“This game is not smooth. The industry has people planted as the legends, our stars, so it will be difficult for them to plant me as one of them but I know as they will appreciate what I do as music.”

Black Kat also shared personal experiences, recounting instances when he visited radio stations to promote his songs. He expressed frustration over how the focus often shifted to the song’s producer, even when lesser-known producers had created high-quality tracks.

“There were times i had to go to radio stations to share my songs and they will ask me who produced me. Now let me ask you, what does the one who produced it has to do with how nice or quality the song is?”

The international artiste shared his excitement about Kumasi artistes’ success in popularizing drill music globally, even though he had been working within the genre for years before that.

Black Kat GH was honoured with the UK-based Highlife Song of the Year, 2023 award at the Taabea Ghana Music Awards, UK (GMAUK).


Story by Adwoa S. Danso

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