Friend Refuses to Repay GHC1000 Borrowed for Mother’s Funeral 3 years ago

A troubling dispute has arisen between two individuals, Kofi and Mr. Agyeman, regarding a loan of GHC1000 that Kofi alleges was borrowed for the purpose of conducting Mr. Agyeman’s mother’s funeral rites three years ago.

Despite Mr. Agyeman’s wife paying back half of the loan, Kofi claims that his repeated attempts to retrieve the remaining GHC500 have been unsuccessful.

“His wife paid GH500 but attempts to retrieve the rest has been futile. It is not that he has no money, he has just refused to pay,” said Kofi.

During an interview on Masem with Afia Anima on June 27, Kofi expressed his frustration over Mr. Agyeman’s refusal to repay the outstanding amount, emphasizing that it is not due to a lack of financial means on Mr. Agyeman’s part but rather a deliberate act of non-payment.

“I mind because it is an intentional act by Mr. Agyeman, who continues to deceive me. This is consistent with his behaviour. Even his colleagues at work have complained about him. They claim to have advised him, but he never listens,” he shared.

Kofi also revealed that another individual is currently pursuing Mr. Agyeman for an unpaid loan, further exemplifying his alleged pattern of non-repayment.

He made it clear that he simply wants his money back and feels frustrated by Mr. Agyeman’s actions.

In an attempt to provide an opportunity for Mr. Agyeman to share his side of the story, he was contacted via phone during the Masem program.

However, Mr. Agyeman denied owing Kofi any money, stating that he has already made the payment.

“He keeps disgracing me. I don’t owe him. He dragged me to court, and that’s where I paid the money,” Mr. Agyeman responded defensively.

However, when asked to specify which court he made the payment at, he refused to answer and redirected the question back to Kofi, urging the programme host to seek the information from him.

Throughout the conversation, Mr. Agyeman hung up the phone twice, avoiding further inquiries about the loan repayment and failing to address the concerns raised.

The unresolved dispute over the loan repayment has resulted in a strained relationship between Kofi and Mr. Agyeman.



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