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#Fixthecountry Pastor In Trouble With Church

The Evangelical Methodist Church has distanced itself from the utterances and actions of its Asylum Down Head Pastor, Apostle Daniel Adjei at the #4th AugustDemo.

Apostle Adjei told the media while the demonstrators marched that, “The demonstration is a peaceful demonstration. We are not going to destroy any state property. We are not against NPP or NDC. We are against the bad leadership of the country, the bad governance of this nation.

“When our church members come to church, they can’t give offerings and they can’t give tithe because all our members are broke. There are no jobs in this nation. That is why I joined”, Apostle Adjei told the media when he joined the protest”.

In reaction the Church in a release said the utterances of Apostle Adjei during the #Fixthecountry protest does not reflect its position.

Evangelical Methodist Church made it clear that, “we advocate for change of mind through education not public education.”
It pointed out that the Church does not depend on tithing to accomplish its missions.

The Church according to the release is reconsidering its association with Apostle Adjei.
Below is a copy of the statement:

Source: Fuseini

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