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FDA Discredits Viral Video About Herbal Capsule

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has discredited a viral video projecting Living Bitters Capsules- a herbal capsule- as adulterated and harmful for consumption.

The video asserts that the product in question has been adulterated with non-edible and potentially harmful substances.

However, a confirmatory test by the FDA proved the opposite.

“A recent confirmatory test conducted by the Authority has once again established that each capsule contains varied compositions of Aloe capensis, Hydrastis canadensis, among others as registered by the Authority. The product completely dissolves in media that mimics digestive fluids.”

It, therefore, assured the public that the product is safe for consumption as per the product label and is not adulterated.

The Authority further recalled a similar incident with the same product in 2021, which also proved false after a series of tests.

“A similar video made earlier rounds in 2021 which led to extensive market surveillance and laboratory investigations with findings that do not support these assertions. The Authority consequently issued a press release regarding its findings on 23rd March 2021.”

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