August 17, 2022

EU Calls For Calm Over Kenya Presidential Election Results

The European Union has urged Kenya’s political leadership to keep calm and resolve all misunderstandings over the declared presidential results peacefully.

This comes after Raila Odinga rejected the presidential result during a press conference and announced plans to seek redress in court following the country’s electoral Commission Chairman’s declaration of William Ruto as president-elect.

“The figures announced by Chebukati are null and void and must be quashed by a court of law. We totally and without reservations, reject the presidential results announced by Mr Chebukati. In our view, there is neither a legally or validly declared winner nor a president-elect”, Raila Odinga said.

Four out of the seven electoral officials also disputed the result over what they indicated as erroneous calculations.

“We therefore decline to take ownership of the said result because the aggregation resulted in a total exceeding the percentage of 100 which cast doubt on the accuracy of the source of the figures tallied. And when we demanded that we verify our records, the Chairman declined”, Juliana Cherera, vice chair of the electoral commission said.

Reacting to this in a statement, the EU urged the political leaders to avoid violence.

“Ongoing dispute and any remaining concerns about this election must be resolved peacefully through existing legal mechanisms. All political and societal leaders must avoid any violence and call for calm. It is time for political leadership and responsibility from all those linked to the electoral process.”

It however commended the country for “the calm and peaceful election day on 9th August”.

Source: Fuseini

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