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Cyber Security Authority: Never Share Personal Identifiable Information

Cyber Security Authority Ghana has warned Ghanaians against sharing personal information with unknown callers.

In a statement, the Authority stressed, “never share Personal Identifiable Information”.

This comes after increasing reports of fraudulent schemes targeting bank customers.

“Customers of these banks receive an SMS supposedly from their banks informing them that they will be receiving a call from an agent who will be assisting them to link their Ghana Card with their accounts, credit/debit (ATM) card.

“The supposed agent of the bank then reaches out to customers requesting Personal Identifiable Information (PII) including Ghana Card details primary account number (PAN) of credit/debit cards, Card Verification Value (CVV) number, expiry date of the card, One Time Password (OTP) and others as part of the linking process,” the Authority recounted the Modus operandi for the fraud.

The fraudsters use the information they acquire to undertake transactions that causes loss to the victim, it said.

Ghanaians have, therefore, been cautioned to be on the lookout and avoid sharing their personal information.

“Never share Personal Identifiable Information (PII) including PIN codes, debit/credit card, card verification values (CVV) and OTPs with anyone.”

Additionally, customers are advised to visit or call their nearest bank branch for clarification if in doubt about any request.

Source: Fuseini

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