COVID-19: Pastor seeks consent to Pray for Ghana


Apostle Kofi Nkansah-Sarkodie, General Overseer of Open Arms Ministry/Jesus Chapel
Apostle Kofi Nkansah-Sarkodie, General Overseer of Open Arms Ministry/Jesus Chapel in Kumasi is seeking national consent to pray and stop COVID-19 in Ghana.
In a 9-minute interview with Royal Television in Kumasi, Apostle Nkansah-Sarkodie also known as Saint Sark said Ghana was not supposed to suffer the pangs of the Corona virus except that there was some insubordination spiritually somewhere.
Saint Sark said he had predicted the outbreak of the virus in 2017 and that Ghana was not destined to experience Coronavirus.
The Kumasi-based Ministers of the Gospel said but for initial prayers by him, Ghana’s situation would have been worse.
According to him, COVID-19 is devilish for the fact that it is installing fear in people around the globe hence his quest to intervene as a representative of Jesus, who has all the powers to stop the disease.
Asked if he could not go ahead and pray for the nation, the church leader who claims to be the representative of Jesus on earth, said since the pandemic has become a national issue it needed a national effort at curbing it and thus needed the backing and involvement of the people as a nation to back his prayers.
Apostle Nkansah-Sarkodie noted that the National Day of fasting and prayers had not impacted well because some pastors who wanted to cash in on the virus are not happy with measures to contain it.
He said intercessory prayers and fasting for the nation initiated by the government failed because most of the men of God are agents of Satan who engage in satanic activities and would rather see the disease have a negative toll on the country.
As agents of Satan, the Man of God said, these pastors have resorted to instilling fear in the people against the divine will stressing that fear is not from God.
He explained that the national consent for him to pray and stop the disease is necessary because every situation demanded a different approach to resolve it.
Saint Sark stressed that he needed the official consent of state authorities and Ghanaians in general to initiate special prayers to stop further spread of the disease. “I only need not more than 10 minutes for this special prayer” which session could be witnessed and observed under strict COVID-19 protocols.
Saint Sark ensuing COVID-19 updates after the prayers would indicate that the virus has vanished from Ghana.
“I am waiting for state authorities to give me an official consent to pray and end it all”, he pleaded.

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