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Chieftancy Dispute: Aggrieved Manso Datano Royals Reject Proposed Chief

Aggrieved Royals of Asona clan at Manso Datano have rejected a proposed Chief from Manso Nkwanta Omanhene, Nana Bi-Kusi Appiah.

According to the royals, the person proposed by Nana Bi-Kusi Appiah is not one of them, and because of that he cannot rule the town as a Chief.

Yesterday at Datano, the members of Asona clan staged a demonstration against Nana Bi-Kusi Appiah to express their displeasure following how things are going regarding Datano’s Chieftancy.

The Demonstrators expressed that the proposed name is not a royal of the town and there’s no way they will allow it to happen.

Others also believe that Manso Nkwanta Omanhene has innate animosity against them, so, he is doing everything within his powers to give something their grandfathers fought for to a total stranger.

The Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II after affirming that Datano is under Manso Nkwanta and that the Omanahene of Manso Nkwanta Traditional Area, Nana Bi-Kusi Appiah is the overlord, he charged him to work dispassionately to put in place plans that will see the next chief.

Nonetheless, after several months, there has not been peace leading to the enstoolment of the next Chief due to a lot of factors.

Datano is a community under the Manso Adubia Stool and owes allegiance to the Manso Nkwanta Traditional Area in the Amansie West district of Ashanti. Datano is the Benkum (Left wing) of Manso Nkwanta Traditional Council.

Source: / Sasu Danquah

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