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Assembly Elections Are Full of Politics, Former Nhyiaso Assemblyman Reveals

Former Presiding Member of Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), Abraham Boadi otherwise known as ‘Opooman’, has confessed that assembly elections are full of politics.

According to the ‘loudmouth’ former local government lawmaker, it is enshrined in the constitution that Local Government is without politics, however, the reality is the opposite of what has been established in the constitution.

In an exclusive interview on Opemsuo 104.7 FM morning show, Nkwantannanso, Hon. Abraham Boadi disclosed that there are places if you do reveal your party colors that will be your end.
“Assembly elections are full of politics and this is common knowledge to us all.”
“It is enshrined in our constitution that Local Government is without party politics, however, there are places if you do not show your party colors during campaign they will not vote for you.”

He noted again that various political parties also play pivotal role in Assembly elections to ensure victory for their party people.
“You will be surprised how various political parties especially NDC & NPP consciously work to ensure victory for their people. No politics in the Assembly elections mantra only exist in books.”

Source: Sasu Danquah.

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