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Andrea Yates, 36 Year Old Mother Of 5 Took The Lives Of Her Kids; Paul, Luke, John, Mary and Noah one-by-one

On the morning of June 20th 2001, a call to 911 was made by Andrea to report the crimes committed and ordered for a police arrest.

According to Frank Stumpo an officer of the Houston Police Department as he made a move at the scene, he saw a little head on the floor he assumed to be a doll but to his surprise it was the head of a child.

Andrea religiously believed the souls of her kids were in danger and killing them was the only way of saving them.

Marlene Wark, Andrea’s childhood friend said Andrea she knew would never do a thing like that. She added, Andrea was nicknamed SUPERMOM as she took mothering like she took everything in her life and was more determined to being an excellent mom.

Andrea is believed to be battling with Postpartum Depression (PPD) and postpartum psychosis. PPD occurs after child birth. It is a dramatic drop in hormones (estrogen and progesterone) in the body of a mother. Usually
It is characterized by powerful emotions, from excitement and joy to fear and anxiety and depression. It is basically a mood swing. PPD is not a character of flaws but simply a complication of giving birth.

Her condition started after her fourth child, Luke. She had four psychiatric hospitalization after an attempt to commit suicide with the aim of stopping herself from harming her children. Andrea was prescribed the antipsychotic Haldol a drug that decreases excitement (disorder) in the brain and was as well advised against having more children at the risk of another psychotic episode. Andrea was taken off her medications two weeks before the June 2001 killings.

In a court’s sitting, Andrea’s defense team tried to prove insanity; Andrea suffering from a severe mental disorder and does not know what she was doing was wrong but failed as the prosecution said Andrea did not only see what she was doing as wrong but a crime worth calling the police, Joe Owmby stated.
Andrea was found guilty of capital murder by the court and sentenced to life in prison in March 2002

Four years after the court’s verdict, 2006, there was a retrial of Andrea’s case that overturned her guilt verdict in an appeal after a testimony from psychiatrists Dr. Park Dietz was proven to be false. Dr. Dietz, a consultant on law and order testified that the murder of the Yates children were similar to an episode of crime drama and Andrea was an avid watcher of the show. Dietz later said he was mistaken and had combined two episodes, one based on Susan Smith case and the other on Melissa Drexler and Amy Grossberg the appellate judge believed his false testimony likely influenced the jury.

Andrea was found not guilty due to insanity. The incident together with its first judgement and appealed jury heightened the attention of the citizens of Houston, Texas in USA to learn about mental disorder, expressing their displeasure in the first verdict and rejoicing with Andrea upon her release.

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