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Akwasidae On Easter Is Unique

Some chiefs in the Asante Kingdom have described the celebration of Akwasidae on April 18, 2022 which fell on Easter Sunday as unique.

The chiefs expressed that it is extraordinary for such sacred day of the kingdom to fall in line on the same day as the resurrection of Christ, Easter in accordance to Christian doctrines.

Otumfuo’s Sasaamopanyinhene said, “todays Adae is a special one because the Asante Kingdom is blessed and our King is also blessed to the extent that His resurrection coincided with Akwasidae, this Adae is a special one, very special.”

“Akwasidae is an important day in the Asante culture because it is a day to feed and bless our ancestors, todays own fell on an Easter day which combines the Christian celebration to that of the traditional celebration which qualifies it to be a distinctive and significant celebration, another chief said.

Nana Brewuo III, Otumfuo’s Tudwonohene said, “the Adae has been a successful and unique one because it attracted visitors from across the world to witness it whilst falling on the resurrection day of Christ which is celebrated by Christians.”

Akwasidae is an important Asante observance which focuses on the remembrance of ancestors of the land.

Sunday’s celebration comes as the third in the year 2022 which saw in attendance the Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse III, as Special Guest together with other government and political representatives, groups and individuals paying homage to His Royal Majesty. Monica M. Appiah-Manu

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