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Actor Emeka Ike Recounts How Ex-Wife Ruined His Life

Nigerian actor Emeka Ike says his entire life came to a standstill and his achievements evaporated overnight as a result of some “planning and plottings” by his first wife, Suzanne Emma.

According to him, she engaged some hooligans to blackmail him and threaten him on several occasions.

“The person you are actually confiding in knows men were coming in your house and were arranging and discussing this thing and the resolution was to blackmail me. I was busy with the blackmail and I didn’t know it was much more than that,” he spilled in an interview.

In the interaction which has since gone viral, the 56-year-old said he lost his home, business and other properties due to his ex-wife.

Recounting how his N480 million St Nicholas School folded up, he said, “She sent a jeep to take me to the airport for a movie shoot in America and when the driver returned she asked him to be sure I was gone then immediately she rang the bell and all the students came out and she told them she was shutting the school down and they should tell their parents to enrol them in another school.”

On other properties, he disclosed, “I came back home to nothing. My properties had been lost. I lost about 80% of my land. It was just the bag with which I travelled that I had to my name.

“There was nothing to trace to my name. The houses were empty. They had moved everything out of it. My wristwatches, pictures with presidents and everything I had as Emeka Ike was gone.”

Emeka who now resides in Germany said he suffered depression after the media was flooded with reports of abuse against his wife. These reports, he later found were spread by the woman.

After his divorce in 2017, he said he decided to go off the media space to pick up the pieces left of his life, build his family and start once again, which he has done.

He is now married to a South African woman in Germany.

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