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A Call to Conscience

As usually expected, incendiary forces motivated by hatred and jealousy seek to tarnish the unblemished image of the Asantehene for participating in the pageantry marking the first coronation of King Charles III and the Queen Consort in over 70 years.

Despite the pure intentions behind this celebratory occasion, certain individuals are determined to cast a dark shadow over it.

When sinister motives are cloaked in sugar-coated words and become glaringly apparent, we are forced to respond in equal measure.

It is our duty to expose the true nature of these individuals and their devious agenda.

Their wicked intentions cannot be allowed to go unchecked.


Does the Constitution recognize Otumfuo Asantehene?

Apart from the needless and sneering arguments by some people who know nothing but claim to know everything, this argument had been settled a long time ago.

This fact has been confirmed time and time again. 

For political mischief, we are always forced to come out and point out to these social misfits who want to be reminded of this fact.

It is worth noting that Ghanaian law unequivocally recognizes the Asantehene, and his role as a leader of his people is undeniable. In fact, Parliament has no power to confer on any person or authority the right to accord or withdraw recognition to or from a chief (Article 270 of 1992 constitution of Ghana). 

Section 58 of the Chieftaincy Act, 2008 (Act 759) clearly outlines the categories of chiefs in Ghana, which include the Asantehene and Paramount Chiefs.

                          The Asantehene and Paramount Chiefs

                          Divisional Chiefs

                          Sub-divisional Chiefs


                          Other Chiefs recognised by the National House of Chiefs

Clearly from the above, you do not need to be educated on whether the Constitution recognizes the Asantehene or not, anybody worth his salt would know this.


What makes Asantehene the People’s leader?

Asanteman chose him!!!

The definition of a Chief according to Section 57(1) of the Chieftaincy Act and Article 277 of the constitution is a person, who, hailing from the appropriate family  and lineage , has been validly nominated, elected and enstooled, enskinned or installed as chief or queen mother  in accordance with the relevant customary law and usage. 

The Asantehene fits the above and I doubt anyone can challenge that.

Hence, you can dislike the Asantehene or the people of Asante, but you cannot deny their unwavering loyalty, commitment, and devotion to the Golden Stool and its occupant.

Anyone who thinks that the Asantehene’s only interest is in adorning himself with gold ornaments is clearly deranged. Our cultural traditions cannot be dictated to us.

You cannot claim to be an Asante and, a proper one at that, and create a platform that seeks to tarnish the image of the Asantehene.

The Asantehene continues to lead the developmental drive of his people and he has shown countlessly his passion and desire to see his people prosper and flourish in peace and harmony. 

For nothing at all, the peace and harmony in Asanteman is comforting. This is a testament to the strong cultural values and traditions that have been passed down through generations.

Asanteman is not just a geographic location, it is a way of life that promotes unity, respect, and tolerance.

A simple surf on the internet will feed your curiosity and clear your evil doubts about what the Asantehene has done and continues to do for his people and Ghana as a whole.

Clearly, when you embark on a journey of no return, reasoning is thrown to the dogs and intentions become diluted with evil and diabolical motives.

I chanced upon a video on social media where a so-called self-important rogue tried to disparage the Asantehene by showing a picture of his attendance at the coronation and a video of the Manhyia Government Hospital Maternity ward with mothers having a day on the bare floor due to lack of beds and overcrowding.

As unfortunate as it is, this same socially misfit reprobate refused to show the new maternity block being put up by the Asantehene to address this concern when the referred video was brought to his attention. 

This can easily be verified from the authorities of the hospital. But as intended, let’s put the Asantehene against the people for him to be ridiculed and insulted.

But what they refuse to understand and take seriously is that you cannot disgrace who God has blessed and who Sikadwa Kofi has chosen.

To the former Chief of Staff of a former president, who continues to fund this useless venture, your time is up. You will be named subsequently and put to shame.

As I end here, I will entreat this former Chief of Staff to go and read Revelation 18:2.

Long live Asantehene

Long live Asanteman

Long live Ghana


Story by

Kwame Aboagye Mensah
Personal Assistant to the Chief of Staff
Manhyia Palace

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