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10 African Countries with the Highest and Lowest Unemployment Rate In 2024

Despite possessing abundant natural and human resources, the African economy faces the challenge of unemployment, which casts a shadow over its growth trajectory.

Getting a job in Africa can be tough. There are just not enough opportunities to go around. The struggling African economy makes it even harder.

Despite the implementation of several initiatives by African governments to combat the issue, their impact has been limited amidst a ballooning population. The severity of the problem led African leaders to adopt a seven-point declaration in Dar es Salaam last year to tackle unemployment.

In Africa, like the rest of the world, the younger population is at a higher risk of unemployment in many regions globally. In 2024, the youth unemployment rate in Africa is projected at around 11 per cent, according to Statista.

There are also peculiarities, men find it easier to secure jobs compared to women, even when they possess similar skills and experience. In Africa, the female unemployment rate was eight per cent in 2023, while it was 6.6 per cent among men.

Africa’s unemployment problem is hitting both big and small economies. As of today, South Africa hit an unemployment rate of 32.1%, making it the country with the highest unemployment rate on the continent in 2024.

Djibouti and Eswatini follow closely, with unemployment rates reaching approximately 28 per cent and 25 per cent, respectively.

Below are 10 African countries with the highest unemployment rate in 2024:

Rank        Country        Unemployment rate
1           South Africa          32.1%
2           Djibouti                 27.9%
3           Eswatini                 24.65%
4          Gabon                    21.35%
5          Congo                    21.3%
6          Botswana               20.72%
7          Somalia                  20.53%
8          Namibia                 20.37%
9          Libya                      20.07%
10        Sudan                    18.05%


Below are 10 African Countries with lowest unemployment rate in 2024:
Rank  Country        Unemployment rate
1         Niger                0.49%
2        Burundi             0.98%
3        Chad                 1.28%
4       Benin                 1.58%
5    Madagascar          2.07%
6   Côte d’Ivoire          2.61%
7    Tanzania               2.92%
8        Mali                  2.94%
9     Senegal               3.34%
10   Liberia                 3.56%


Source: Africa Business Insider

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