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9-Year-Old Boy Sodomised in Techiman

A distressing incident has shaken Techiman in Bono East Region of Ghana as a nine-year-old boy was subjected to a harrowing ordeal. Narrating the story on Opemuo Radio’s Masem with Abena Dufie on August 14, the boy’s father shared the unsettling details.

During the period of Sallah celebrations among Muslims, the boy and some other children visited a particular house to collect their Sallah gifts. While at the house, an older boy enticed him into another room, blindfolded him with a black cloth, and subjected him to anal sex.

The nine-year-old boy  refrained from informing his parents about the incident until a week later, as he had been threatened by the older boy.

Upon learning about the situation, his parents took him to the hospital after he experienced discomfort during defecation and diarrhoea. The hospital directed them to the police station to complete a formal complaint form.

After filing a complaint with the police, the family returned to the hospital and paid GHC400 for an examination of the boy and a medical report.

However, the doctor’s examination yielded a surprising result.

The doctor indicated that there was no evidence to confirm that the boy had been sodomised, a fact that the doctor wrote on the report, unbeknownst to the parents.

The report was then submitted to the police station, leading to the arrest of the accused individual.

The boy was asked to provide a description of the room where the incident occurred, and his account matched the details confirmed by the police.

However, despite this alignment, the police halted their investigation based on the doctor’s report.

The father, perturbed by this decision, inquired further. He was informed by a police officer that the doctor’s report indicated no signs of sodomy.

In an attempt to clarify the matter, the boy’s family, the accused’s relatives, and a police officer revisited the doctor. On this occasion, the doctor reiterated the contents of the original report, stating that there were no apparent signs of sodomy.

The father questioned why the doctor had prescribed medication if no sodomy had occurred. The doctor explained that the medication had been prescribed based on the symptoms provided.

In a surprising twist, the accused’s relatives had previously approached victim’s parents, imploring them not to involve the police. According to the father, there were rumours suggesting that the older boy had a history of such behavior.

“The accused’s mother has visited my house three times to apologize. If nothing happened between her son and mine, why would she be concerned? I’ve also been informed that this isn’t the first time he’s engaged in such acts,” he expressed with frustration.


Story by Adwoa S. Danso

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