9 Months Is Enough To Make Impact – Justin Kodua on Reshuffling

Amid critiques questioning the timing of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s ministerial reshuffling, General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Justin Frimpong Kodua, has offered a contrasting perspective.

He believes that nine months is sufficient time for the newly appointed ministers to make a positive impact in their respective ministries.

“In a political circle, {nine months} is a long period for someone to make a positive impact in the ministry that he or she finds himself or herself.”

The critics, including the Minority in parliament, argue that with less than ten months to go into the next general elections, the new appointees won’t be able to accustom themselves to their respective offices before the end of the government’s tenure.

However, the JFK, as the NPP General Secretary is affectionately called, totally disagrees.

“I totally disagree. A player who can score a goal in a match does not need 90 minutes. Sometimes they come at injury time and score the goal for the needed victory.”

He asserted that the calibre of people who have been appointed are “youthful and eager to achieve something for themselves and the government. They have high motivation”.

“When Bryan Acheampong became the Minister for Agriculture, he didn’t take weeks for us to see the {impact} of interventions he introduced.”

The General Secretary further applauded the President for the changes.

“We will applaud the President for not just doing reshuffle but doing the radical changes in his government. It’s something that we believe looking at the people who are coming in, are going to work assiduously and give us the needed results.”

The Jubilee House on Wednesday announced the reshuffling of 13 sector ministers and 13 deputy ministers.

Six of them were reassigned while three former deputy ministers were appointed sector ministers.

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