We Can’t Compare Accra To Kumasi On Developmental Basis; It’s The Capital Of Ghana – Opoku Mensah

Senior Communication Officer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Ashanti Region and Director of the Ashanti Regional National Service Scheme Secretariat, Mr Opoku Mensah has said that we cannot compare Accra to Kumasi in terms of infrastructure and development in general.

According to him, this is a result of the state of Accra as the capital city of the country. For this reason, Accra would have to advance in infrastructure.

He stated that Ghana is still lingering in development and “none of the sixteen regions of Ghana can boast of top-notch infrastructural development, not even the capital city, Accra”.

Mr Opoku Mensah insisted that the narrative that the Ashanti Region gives the maximum votes to the NPP government and therefore must amass the majority of the government’s developmental projects to the region at the expense of the other fifteen is not worth considering because that underpins the democratic principles and good governance.

He emphasized that in the presidential system which Ghana is practising, the whole country is considered as a common constituency and development must be shared equally as such.

Source: Effah Mensah William

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