We Cannot “Break The 8” With Factionalism: Amoako Twum Cautions NPP

Eric Amoako Twum, a national organiser aspirant of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has said the party risk losing the 2024 elections if it fails to address the issue of factionalism.

According to the NPP National Organiser aspirant, it seems the party did not learn from its mistake in 2008 which caused them to lose the 2008 general election to the NDC.

“I think that far too much premium is being put on the supposed factions within the party; this shows that we did not learn from 2008… We need to sit up.

“While the people who will eventually vie for presidential candidacy are illustrious individuals… They will all ride on the shoulders of the party. This is the fact,” the former deputy CEO of Ghana Exports Promotion Authority (GEPA) said.
“We are a formidable party but the only way we can win the election is by presenting a truly united person.”

The national organiser aspirant wants the party to address challenges at the grassroots to boost the NPP’s chances in the 2024 election.
“This party is a party of the collective; no one individual has the hopes of the party resting on them. Hard work and engagement with the grassroot is essential to our election hopes.

“The fact that we lost so many seats, sends a clear signal that the grassroots are not happy about something and this comes directly from the top,” Twum said.

Source: Opemsuo.com/ Emmanuel Owusu Anti

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