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Wa Brutality: Person Who Filmed Relocates

The filmer of the military brutality of some residents of Wa in the Upper West Region has stated that he feels anything can happen to him.
He has decided to take cover by relocating elsewhere.
He admitted he hasn’t received threats yet but is trying to be proactive.
He noted that a friend of his posted the video and tagged his name and picture without his notice.
“A friend of mine whom I was at the same station with took it out to social media and posted the video and tagged my picture and name on it.
“He did that simply because, according to him, he wanted to give me a shout out for having the courage to do that, on the contrary he didn’t know for security reasons, my life will be at stake.
“I feel that anything can happen so I have decided to relocate
“Today, I heard a show on air called ‘my community’ but because of the decision I took upon myself, for security reasons, I didn’t attend the show.
“I disguised myself to be able to attend the meeting between our chief and the military, when they came to apologise.
“I have heard the Police say all those who were brutalized by the military should lodge a formal complaint with the Police. But personally I think that the video that circulated is now a national issue.”
“When the General came he promised that whoever meted out the brutalization is going to face the law and I don’t want anyone to blame me for that. That is why I have taken it to myself to do first things first, protect myself”, he explained.
He however admitted he doesn’t regret filming.
“Not a single day will I regret filming it”
He is a resident and a journalist by profession in the Regional capital.
Source: Fuseini

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