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(VIDEO) German Police Pin Ghanaian Woman To The Ground While Helpless Spectators Wail

Video shared on Facebook by Nana Morffy, a prominent Ghanaian resident in Germany with
the question, “What did she do?” has triggered similar questions from viewers.
The video shows a Ghanaian woman pinned to the ground and restricted from any form of movement.
Three cops in uniform including a female were on her, ensuring that she couldn’t move while another in uniform restricted a male from getting close to the pinned woman.
The cops had ‘Polizei’ inscribed at the back of the uniform, a German word for Police.
Another man without uniform squat in front of the victim and spoke with her but his activity wasn’t very clear.
Meanwhile spectators including kids stood behind wailing, as they witnessed the incident.
The one who took the shot is perceived to be a Ghanaian following some few words she spoke in twi which translates, “why are they doing this God, what crime did she commit?”, she also kept saying, “this is not fair” and “Samuel don’t go, Barbara don’t go anywhere, they are going to imprison your mother”.
Watch the video here:

Source: Fusein

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