UTAG Suspends Strike Indefinitely

The University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) has indefinitely called off its weeks-old strike after it suspended the strike on February 21, 2022, to pave the way for negotiations between the UTAG and the government.

“After careful assessment of the referendum results, interim agreements reached between UTAG and the Employer, and the various branch reports, the NEC of UTAG resolved to indefinitely suspend the strike action of 10th January 2022”, the UTAG relayed.

Although twelve (12) out of the fifteen (15) UTAG branches voted to reject the call for the suspension of the strike action citing their lack of trust in the Employer’s commitment to addressing their concerns, the NEC of the UTAG says it “will endeavour to ensure that all concerns raised by members are reflected in whatever agreement to be signed between the Employer and UTAG”.

“The NEC of UTAG promises to monitor and police the full implementation of all agreements with the Employer and to work with clear timelines and roadmaps to ensure that all promises and agreements are respected. There would no longer be reactionary measures but proactive interventions that would not wait till matters get out of hand before resorting to industrial actions”, it stated.

The NEC of UTAG says it is resolved to pursue the agreements for the Employer to implement the Market Premium and/or review the Single Spine Salary Structure in 2023, to help address concerns of poor Conditions of Services of the University Teacher in full.

Meanwhile, it urged its members to remain calm and accept the proposals of the government as interim measures, as it works to ensure that they remain as such and end in December 2022.

This Labour Division of the High Court yesterday ruled that the UTAG strike was illegal.

Source: Fuseini

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