UG Confirms Death Of 1st Year Student In Swimming Pool

The University of Ghana has confirmed the death of a level 100 student in the swimming pool at the University’s Sports Directorate.

The male student reportedly “died around 4:40 pm on Saturday, January 29, 2022, while using the swimming pool at the University’s sports Directorate, in spite of attempts by pool guards to ensure his safety”.

In a statement endorsed by the Director of Public Affairs Directorate of the University, Elizier Ameyaw-Buronyah, it was reported that the family of the deceased student has been duly informed about the “unfortunate” incident.

Meanwhile, the body of the now-deceased student has been deposited at the University Hospital while the investigation continues.

“We assure members of the University and the bereaved family that Management is working together with the police and the University Health Service to investigate the unfortunate incident”, the statement further said.

Source: Fuseini

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