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Transport Ministry Sets Record Straight on Fare Increment

The Ministry of Transport has urged the public to disregard the announced increment in transport fares by some transport unions in the country, as there has not been any negotiation with the Ministry.

On Wednesday, the Ghana Road Transport Union (GPRTU) announced a 20% hike in transport fares, while the True Transport Union had earlier announced a 30% hike.

In their statement, the GPRTU said the decision has become inevitable due to high taxes on spare parts and the 10% increment in insurance premiums.

The unions announced these hikes will be effective next week, but the Ministry, in a rebutting statement, indicated that it had not approved any hike.

“We wish to inform the general public that there has not been any negotiation with the transport operators for review of the transport fares. We therefore urge the general public to disregard the purported increase.”

It assured that the public would be informed when such negotiations become necessary.

It continued, “The Ministry will continue to ensure fair and reasonable public transport fares, keeping in mind the needs of transport operators and the general public.”

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