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“The SP Is Useless And Incompetent”

The Chief Executive Officer for Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA) has labelled the Special Prosecutor, Mr Martin Amidu as extremely useless and incompetent.

“The Special Prosecutor himself is a useless person, Martin Amidu is extremely useless and incompetent”, Mr. Mensah stated.

According to him, since the appointment of Mr. Amidu as SP in 2018, he hasn’t prosecuted anyone neither has he concluded on any definitive case.

He further drew on the the corruption scandal involving Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome to buttress his conclusions on the Special Prosecutor.

“Martin Amidu has always demonstrated his incompetence, remember the Woyome scandal, who was the Attorney General during that time?…As an Attorney General, you(Martin Amidu) signed to approve the payment of an amount of money to the man(Woyome) and later sued the man(Woyome) on the basis that the money he took was unconstitutional… We should have realized there that Martin Amidu is incompetent”

“Before government makes any payment, all the documentations will go to the Attorney General’s department, for the Attorney General’s opinion, what was Martin Amidu’s opinion on the Woyomi cash, he just approved it”

” He knew it was unconstitutional, he should have stopped it at this level, why do you come to waste everybody’s time… You appoint such a person as a Special Prosecutor, some of us have absolutely no expectation. He can’t deliver anything”

According to him, the Office of the Special Prosecutor can help in the fight against corruption but the presence of Mr. Martin Amidu is a hindrance.

Source:Opemsuo FM/Hajara Fuseini

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