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The Report Contains Speculations, Factual Inaccuracies – Kaaka Family

The family of the late social media activist, Ibrahim Mohammed Kaaka has registered their displeasure at the report of the Ministerial committee over the Ejura riot of June 29, 2021.
According to the findings of the report, the testimonies of Sadia Fuseini and Muniratu Alhassan, neighbours of Kaaka, together with one Aminou Mohammed, a friend of Kaaka substantiated the fact that the death of the social activist was more a result of family feud than as a result of his activism.
Speaking on Eyewitness News, however, the spokesperson of the family, Nafiu Mohammed, noted that the committee’s work concerning the death of Kaaka was ultra vires.
“The sole work of the committee was to deal with the 29th. Why should you (committee) allude to the circumstances on the 26th to go on about the findings of Kaaka and even suggest that you are of the view that it may be a family feud that resulted in his death? This dimension is misleading the public and quite not appropriate. They should know well that they have no business with that issue since the case is in court”, he said.
Furthermore, Nafiu indicated that the committee alluded without any proper evidence stating that the report featured a lot of factual inaccuracies.
He also debunked claims by Aminu Mohammed, who testified in-camera during one of the sessions with the Ministerial committee, that Kaaka and Iddi, his brother had a long-standing feud. “It’s total falsehood”, he said and added, “we will cross-examine him in court.”
Among the findings of the committee was that there was no need to dispatch a Police Riot Vehicle to the cemetery since it constituted the provocation. It also found, contrary to claims by the security that some protesters held guns; only machetes, swords, cutlasses, clubs, sticks, and stones were possessed by the rioters.
The committee thereby recommended, among other things, that the two bereaved families of Abdul Nasir Yusif and Murtala Suraj Mohammed be adequately compensated as well as those who sustained injuries, also, transfer of the District Police Commander of Ejura, DSP Philip Kojo Hammond, and removal of the Ejura MCE, which has been done already.
Read the full statement here: REPORT-OF-COMMITTEE-OF-INQUIRY-THE-EJURA-INCIDENT_July-2021
Source: Fuseini

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