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Tearful Funny Face accuses Ghana Police of using excessive force in his arrest

Comedian Funny Face has accused the Police in Kasoa of using excessive force to arrest him on Monday.
In a tearful, foul-mouthed tirade on Instagram, the actor who was arrested for the unlawful discharge of a firearm at a drinking pub said he was arrested on a highway around Millenium City.

Funny Face also alleged that he was beaten severely by the Police before his arrest and later maltreated while in Police custody.
He said he slept in jail from Monday (February 8, 2021) to 3 pm on Tuesday (February 9, 2021) till he was bailed.
“I slept in jail between Monday and Tuesday. Now, I’m an ex-convict,” he said. “But the most painful and saddest truth I’m about to reveal is about Ghana police,” Funny Face said in a video uploaded on Instagram.
“I was arrested on a highway at the Millennium City. I was going to get some medicine because I had run out of my medication. It’s not been easy for me.
“Guess what? The moment I got down [from my car] the police vehicle crossed me and started beating me. The slapped me with their handcuff. What did I do wrong? I have not offended anyone. What sin have I committed? I’m just working for my children. I have committed no sin.
“Ghana police maltreated me; dragged me on the floor, slapped me multiple times and hit my stomach with their guns. This is police brutality. Your mothers, Ghana police. God bless good policemen and women. A country that kills its heroes and celebrates them when they are gone,” he concluded.

The actor later shared an amateur video of his arrest which was recorded by an eyewitness.

Meanwhile, the Central Regional Police PRO, DSP Irene Serwaa Oppong has explained that someone had reported Funny Face for causing a disturbance in a bar.
She said the complaint came from a bar operator who stated that after a misunderstanding and a fight involving Funny Face at his premises, the actor returned with a pump-action rifle and fired some warning shots.
DSP Oppong further disclosed that the bar operator was in the custody of Police and being investigated for assault after a separate complaint by Funny Face.
She stated that Funny Face was violent when the Police went to arrest him.
“We have retrieved the pump-action gun and we are investigating also to know if it is a registered one and if it is registered, is it in his name…”, DSP Oppong said in an interview with Joy FM.
“From the initial complaint that was reported, the incident happened at a spot and they were separated. So, he went home and then came back with a pump-action gun to give the warning shots but we are investigating to see whether we will get other information”.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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