Teacher Licensure Exam Begins On Wednesday

The second phase of this year’s Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) will take place next week, per a timetable released by the National Teaching Council.

The three-day examination will begin on Wednesday, September 13 and end on Friday, September 15.

Per the released timetable, General professional Knowledge will be sat on the first day; Grade-level Specialism Pedagogy on Thursday and subject specialism on the last day.

The first phase of the exam this year was conducted in May for 7,728 prospective teachers who were re-sitting the GTLE. It was reported that only 1,277 representing 16.5 per cent passed.

The 7,728 candidates who sat in May were among 145,050 candidates who had already sat for the exam from 2018 to 2022 but failed.

The GTLE organised and supervised by the National Teaching Council (NTC), was introduced by the government in 2019 under the Education Act of 2008, Act 778.

The examination is meant to license and certify all professional teachers in Ghana as a key policy aimed at improving the professional standing and status of teachers in the country.

The first teacher licensure examination took place in September 2018.

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