“Raising Children with her not legal basis for her to marry you” – Expert tells Men

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A stern a devise has gone for all would-be couples specially the men who sponsor their female partners in many diverse ways all in the name of getting marry her in near future to desist from such a practice since it has no legal backing for the Two to be joined together as husband and wife.
“Raising children with her, sponsoring her education even to University level all these does not guarantee marriage”, Head of Marriage Unit at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), Madam Judith Agbeko Afi warned.
According to the marriage expert who spoke on Kumasi-based Opemsuo FM’s morning show hosted by George Opoku Mensah, anyone; male or female who does that are doing so at their own risk and that individual must be wise in this scenario
Madam Judith Agbeko Afi also made this revelation after some listeners of the show have called-in asking the legal basis for one to jilt a partner after both have stayed for a period of years promised themselves to take their relationship to a higher level.
“Be wise. …You cannot say because one has stayed with you for many years, the person can be your legal wife or husband”, she stated.
Madam Judith Agbeko Afi therefore admonished all would be couples to acquaint themselves with the country’s law concerning marriages to save themselves from profligate expenditures.
Source: Opemsuo.com

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