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Police describe “shoot to kill Landlord” as “Womanizer”

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The police administration has labelled suspected murderer, Victor Stephen Nana Kankam, a 38-year-old landlord who shot tenant and budding musician, Spark Benjamine as Casanova.
“Information reaching us is that the landlord was a womanizer. The landlord told the tenant that he likes a certain woman who he was very ‘free’ with, so he (the deceased) should ‘link’ him to the girl,” DSP George Asare, the Mile 7 District Commander in an interview  disclosed
The police chief further revealed that the deceased had succeeded in ‘helping’ the landlord spark a romantic affair with a lady. However, the deceased liaised with the lady to milk the landlord dry, as she requested for several sums of money and gifts from the landlord.
According to  police, the suspect had disagreements and an unhealthy relationship with the deceased over a woman as “another lady also confirmed that indeed, he [suspect] is into lots of women” “The deceased agreed to connect the two of them, and the girl, with assistance from the deceased spent lots of the landlord’s money,” DSP Asare added.
The landlord, having realized the ‘partnership’ between the deceased and the lady to empty his pockets, devised a way to take his revenge by ensuring that the deceased moved out when his rent was due.
The deceased, 31-year-old Benjamin Otchere in an argument with the landlord asked for enough time to pack out for the house after his rent expired on Sunday 24th May 2020.
In the heat of the argument, the Landlord who had an AK47 rifle on him, allegedly shot Otchere at close range injuring him seriously. He shot the deceased more than four times, targeting the penis, stomach and chest area of his body.
DSP Asare also added that before the unfortunate incident, the deceased confided in a friend who is a police officer in the vicinity about threats he received from the landlord.
He concluded that further investigations will be done to unveil all the hidden truths.
source: with additional files from Ghanaweb

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