{Pictures} Guinness Certifies Ghanaian Toddler’s Art Record

Ace- Liam Nana Sam Ankrah, the Ghanaian toddler who made history with his artworks at just one year old, has been certified by the Guinness World Records (GWR).

His mother, Chantelle Egan, said he has received his certificate in a post on X on Monday night, sharing some pictures on the microblogging app.

“We’re thrilled to release the official photos of my son Ace-Liam, the Guinness World Record holder for the Youngest Artist at just one-year-old, 152 days! Ace-Liam has officially received his certificate from Guinness World Records.”

Photo credit: Dennis Temmituro

The record until now was held by Dante Lamb, an American who made it in 2003 at the age of three. Ace-Liam was confirmed to have broken the record in an email to his mother after evidence of his work was submitted to the world record keepers.

Ace-Liam’s paintings use a technique done by manoeuvring acrylic paint across a canvas using the hands and body to create unique and abstract artworks.

The toddler’s works, according to his mother, are more about expression and exploration rather than conveying specific messages.

Photo credit: Dennis Temmituro

After getting this record, Chantelle says she is looking to exploit other opportunities to position her son on the global front to make his in-built talent profitable.

“I want an opportunity to establish him internationally because our country is in a position where we think arts is for the rich.”

“I’m making plans to organise a solo exhibition for him where he has his whole artwork telling his story from the crawl. We didn’t sell his 6-month painting because my long-term plan is to have his own personal collection of artworks every month of his life and every painting to show his progress and journey up into 2.”

Photo credit: Dennis Temmituro

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