NPP Rebuts Alan Accusations

The General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party, Justin Kodua Frimpong has set the record straight with the numerous allegations and concerns raised by their defected member, Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen during his press conference on Monday.

This was during a press conference on Tuesday, September 26, 2023, by the General Secretary, Justin Kudua Frimpong.

Alan announced his resignation from the NPP on September 25, 2023- a month after withdrawing from the presidential primaries of the Party over some concerns against some party leadership and folks.

It marked his second time quitting after 2008 when he cited unhappiness with treatments meted out to him by the campaign team of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the then flagbearer of the NPP.


Controversial And Contentious Decisions
Alan on Monday accused the National Council of undertaking “controversial and contentious decisions” after a petition signed by nine out of the ten aspirants, requesting that the Super Delegates Conference be held in one location, as well as allowing each Delegate to the Conference to nominate five persons, instead of one.

In response to this, the Party said the National Council is mandated by Article 13(1)(1) of the constitution to set the date and venue of the Party’s primaries.

Further referencing Article 13(2)(2), the NPP said the demand to vote for five instead of one was unconstitutional.

“That notwithstanding the Party said a vote was cast on the petition during which 73 members voted against it with only nine voting in favour of it.”

Hostility And Outcast
Mr Kodua also disputed allegations that supporters of Alan are subjected to “hostility” and treated as “outcasts” by the Party.

“It noteworthy that certain government appointees who openly declared their support for him are still at post and have never been intimidated,” Mr Kodua said.

Party Hijacking
Alan alleged that the NPP is “hijacked by a selected group of Party leaders and elders, government appointees, ‘behind the curtain power brokers’ and some unscrupulous Party apparatchiks.”

But at the press conference at the Party’s headquarters, the NPP asserted that the power to elect isn’t in the hands of the leadership but all stakeholders.

“Currently, about 200,000 delegates be voting to select the next flagbearer relative to an estimated 1 998 who did the same in 1992. Clearly, the quantum leap to 200,000 in 2023 underscores the decentralization of power for all party stakeholders and defeats the assertion that the party has been hijacked by elected leaders.”

The NPP is firm the departure of Alan will not impact the party in any way as it has continued to exist despite recording similar incidents in the past.

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