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Nigerian Arts Student Breaks Painting Marathon Record

Chancellor Ahaghotu, a Nigerian studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta in the United States of America (USA) has broken the world’s record for the longest painting marathon.

He used his 100-hour marathon to break the 60-hour marathon record set by set by Roland Palmaerts, a half Belgian, half Canadian in 2013.

He worked on 106 pieces depicting all manner of subjects in four days as the rules of this marathon give the challenger the option to either make one large painting or create multiple ones.

He told Guiness World Records (GWR) that he communicated his mood in the paintings.

“One thing I love about the paintings I created is that they were representing my different moods and how I was feeling when I created them.”

On his challenges, the art student who intends to leverage record-breaking to establish his career across the world said he battled fatigue around the 88-hour mark.

Chancellor added, “This [record] helps me feel a very high level of personal achievement, build up my career as a reputable artist, and pay a service to my school and country.”

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