New Force To Unmask Face

Political movement New Force will be outdooring the face behind the mask which has been splashed on billboards planted at public places across the country.

The masked man has generated a variety of speculations over the true face and in recognition of the growing desire of the public, the New Force has decided to outdoor the personality.

In a press statement, it said, “We have noted with appreciation the growing enthusiasm for #TheNewForce and the increased desire by members of the public to share in a new vision of change. We are encouraged by the genuine desire of many Ghanaians to be co-owners of this new vision.

“We have also been impressed by the positive encouragement and ideas that people have shared with us formally through our DMs, and informally on their personal social media handles.”

It continued, “In light of this growing keen interest in what we have coming next, we would like to inform the public that we will in the shortest possible time by unveiling the Mask and communicating the rich and carefully thought-through policy objectives and goals.”

Meanwhile, it emphasised that persons claiming to be behind the mask are nothing but imposters.

“At this time however, we want to make it clear that no policies have been unveiled and no specific person despite speculation, has been unveiled as the Man in the Mask.”

The Force which has promised “leadership for the next generation” outdoored their spokesperson, a white lady with a Ghanaian accent by the name Shalimar Abbiusi in a video four days ago.

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