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Nathaniel Bassey On How Ghanaian Gospel Artistes Can Break Bounds

Nigerian gospel artiste Nathaniel Bassey is sure writing songs in the English language will work the magic for Ghanaian gospel artistes who appear to have been confined to just their home country due to the language barrier.

He gave the direction after delivering a prophecy about Ghanaian gospel artistes at an event in Accra over the weekend.

“In the next 4 to 5 years, psalmists from Ghana will come to Nigeria and host their own concert, that your songs will rise from Ghana to the nations of the earth.”

According to him, Ghanaians are anointed but are hindered by their choice of dialect which cannot be comprehended on the international level.

“As a way of instruction, can I plead with Ghanaian music ministers to write songs in English? Yes I know you love your local dialect, Twi etc but there is an anointing on you and the world needs to hear your songs,” he said.

He said this while performing at the Jesus Christ Encounter event held at the Accra Sports Stadium on Sunday, December 3, 2023.

The Jesus Christ Encounter is led by Pastor Victoria Orenze and aimed at introducing “Jesus to the unbelievers and re-introducing Jesus to the believers”.

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