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NAPO: Aboadze Switchyard Crisis Causing Power Outages In Parts Of Ghana

Minister for Energy, Matthew Opoku Prempeh, affectionately called Napo has revealed a fire crisis at the Aboadze switchyard is the cause of the recent power outages in parts of the country.

This, he said, has affected parts of the Western Region, Central Region, and the Greater Accra Region despite an increase in power capacity in the country.

“We are not happy about incidents happening at the same time in twos and threes. A couple of days ago we had our Aboadze switchyard burnt and it has led to a lot of intermittent power curtailment in parts of the Western Region, Central Region, and even Accra.

“Just around the time the switchyard caught fire, the edges of the machine that keeps the voltages stable in the new Kasoa substation (SVC), also caught fire.”

He noted that his team is working round the clock to restore sanity in the power system.

He further explained that “GRIDCO is putting the whole network in a circuit such that we can wheel energy wherever it is needed efficiently with automatic metres and stuff in there to ensure that even when they stay in their office, the power can be put on.

“That has also meant that they increasingly have trip-offs if the load in balance is unfavourable to the system and so the system decides to shut itself down to prevent damages.

Additionally, he said such trip offs are occurring due to the reconstruction of some outdated power lines.

Source: Fuseini

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