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Mr Kusi Boafo: Public Sector Workers, Churches And Traditional Leaders Are Cause Of Ghana’s Downfall

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Public Sector Reforms, Thomas Kusi Boafo, says government institutions, and  religious bodies are the cause of the country’s downfall.


 He explained that corruption is everywhere in the country and affects the nation so much.


‘’Instead of facilitating the jobs, they look for their interest by taking money from clients before rendering the services.”


Speaking on Opemsuo radio’s NKWANTANSO show, Mr Boafo said “a public sector worker is someone who facilitates government work but the truth is some of them do not meet the standard”.


He attributed this condition to low salaries, unavailability of requisite tools and low or no supervision. 


He said, “In the educational sector, for instance, some teachers in public schools opt for private schools for their kids over the public ones because it is believed that public schools are substandard. It tells you that the workers themselves doubt their capacity.” 


Additionally, Mr Kusi Boafo said a few are committed to their jobs and sacrifice tremendously for the sector.




Source: Opoku

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