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Military, Police Deployed For Order After Fatal Clash At Toflokpo

Armed military and police personnel have been deployed to Toflokpo in the Ada West District of the Greater Accra Region following a clash between residents and Electrochem Ghana, a salt mining company, which resulted in one fatality and multiple injuries on Monday.

The community has now regained its composure, but the residents continue to grapple with the aftermath of the incident.

Local inhabitants say they remain resolute in their determination to thwart any attempts to seize their portion of the Ada Songor concession, which is integral to their livelihoods.

Residents emphasize that both the government and Electrochem Ghana should adhere to a master plan that designates 12 acres of the concession to Electrochem.

Nene Mayilo Dadebom II, Chief of Toflokpo, in an interview on Eyewitness News, stated that five people have been injured so far.

He also alleged that the salt firm had employed a landguard named Alhassan to terrorize the residents of Toflokpo.

However, Electrochem Ghana has denied these allegations. The company’s operations manager, Nene Odeopeor Siada III, said that the company does not employ land guards and that the police were present on the day of the clash to protect its equipment and personnel.

Siada III further explained that the company was rebuilding a dyke on its concession after it was damaged by the rain. However, a large crowd from Toflokpo arrived and began throwing stones at the company’s workers. He denied that the police opened fire on the crowd, saying that the company was simply trying to protect its concession.

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