Mental Health Authority To Take 6000 Mentally Challenged From Streets

The Mental Health Authority is embarking on a new project to remove over 6,000 people with mental health illnesses from some streets in the country.

The new project is an initiative by the Authority to give attention to the mental health rights of citizens.

This announcement was made at a media launch of a weeklong celebration of World Mental Day, themed “Mental Health is a universal right.”

The Chief Executive Officer of the Mental Health Authority, Professor Pinaman Appau, told Citi News that the drive is to give healthcare to these people.

She said that the Authority is working with some stakeholders to pilot this project in some regions after the previous “Operation Clear the Streets Project” failed.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Mental Health Authority emphasized the importance of recognizing mental health as a universal right.

She said, “Mental health as a universal human right recognizes that mental health is not a luxury but a fundamental right that needs to be protected and promoted for the betterment of individuals and societies.”

“By recognizing mental health as a universal human right, we affirm that every individual, irrespective of their background or abilities, is entitled to access the highest quality mental health care and support.”

She also added that the authority is hoping to commence the project in January next year.


Source: CNR

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