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Man Drowns in Okwe River

In a heart-wrenching incident, a 37-year-old man identified as Ernest Tawaiah Adeichereh, residing in Okwenya within the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality, was discovered lifeless after he went missing during a heavy downpour last Friday.

Mr. Peter Tawaiah Adechiere, the brother of the deceased, who spoke with Ghana News Agency expressed deep concern about Ernest’s sudden disappearance.

Ernest had gone missing on Saturday morning, September 23, while on a fishing expedition in the Okwe River.

Local residents joined forces with family members to launch an extensive search operation along the riverside in hopes of locating Ernest.

Mr. Paul Senyemeh, the Okwenya Electoral Area Unit Committee Chairman, noted that the youth of the community actively participated in the search efforts, which continued through Monday.

Unfortunately, despite their earnest endeavors, they were unable to find any trace of Ernest.

However, on Tuesday, the determined search team finally succeeded in locating and recovering Ernest’s body, though it had significantly decomposed by that time. The remains were laid to rest at approximately 2000 hours on the same day.

Ernest, who had epilepsy, leaves behind two children and a pregnant wife, as revealed by his grieving brother. The Akuse police were promptly notified following the recovery of the body, but efforts to obtain a comment from the police regarding the incident were unsuccessful.

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