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Malema: Xenophobia Won’t End If Nigerians Go

South African politician and activist Julius Malema has asserted that xenophobia will not end if foreigners in the country leave.

Speaking to a press, Julius said the “crime” which is supported by a section of South Africans will end with attacks on the very indigenous ethnic groups in the country.

According to him, unemployment in the country won’t be solved if foreigners leave.

“There will be no foreigner to fight but unemployment will remain, hunger will remain, the inequality will remain. I said the other time, bring all the buses, let’s put all the Nigerians and Zimbabweans in these buses, let’s take them back and let’s see if we will get any employment tomorrow. It’s a myth.”

He described Xenophobia as a crime.

“You are justifying crimes and you give it nice names called Xenophobia, Afrophobia. It’s a crime and it must be dealt with as such.”

South Africa is notorious for discrimination and attacks against foreign nationals.

In July 2022, the United Nations (UN) said that “Operation Dudula”, a social media campaign, became an umbrella for the mobilization of violent protests, vigilante violence, arson targeting migrant-owned homes and businesses, and even the murder of foreign nationals.

The experts, known as Special Rapporteurs, warned that the ongoing xenophobic mobilization is broader and deeper, and has become the central campaign strategy for some political parties in the country, the UN said.

Source: Fuseini

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