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Love for illegal money responsible for continuous illegal mining

The Deputy Executive Director of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ebenezer Appah-Sampong, has said the selfish drive for illegal money is responsible for the continuous illegal mining activities in the country.
He made the remark when he addressed the issues of Galamsay coming back again on the country’s water bodies especially on River Ankobrah.
“This issue is very worrying and disturbing, it takes a lot of efforts to address it with the opportunity and support of the task force to help reduce or minimize these activities. We taught that we had made a progress but for it to come back it is very worrying”.
He explained that, “The effects are visible to us because if your water body is brown as it is, it shows that the effects are obvious and no one should tell you”.
Mr. Appah- Sampong added that there is no law that states that mining should not be done but it should be done in a more responsible way
There are other areas it could be done with less impacts but mining on the water is wrong because it will take years for the water bodies to recover
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